Mushy Mushy: Full Dose Capsules

Key Benefits


Psilocybin builds new neural connections in the brain, enhancing your cognitive function and increasing your attention span.


The all-natural state of euphoric wakefulness brought on by psilocybin is an excellent, holistic substitute for everyday stimulants like caffeine.


Psilocybin can be crucial to the sort of introspective mental reset that helps relieve stress and promotes deep relaxation in the mind and body.

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Ok, so we’re done messing around. Getting ready to take a serious trip? 

Mushy’s Full Dose capsules each contain 600mg of Active Psilocybin, for when you want to tune in, turn on and mush out.

Whether you’re just looking for a good time or feel like some real deep soul-searching, Mushy recommends setting a clear intention. First-time psychonauts are also advised not to trip solo, particularly when attempting to treat conditions like depression and anxiety. Talk through what you feel with a trusted friend before, during and after your session. Having a journal and/or art supplies to help write and draw what you experience can also be helpful.

  • Packs include 5 Capsules
  • Box includes 10 Packs 

Dosage: 600mg Active Psilocybin

Warning: 600mg is above the recommended dosage for a microdose


Pack (5 Capsules), Box (10 Packs)


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