MoonWalker Premium Twax Cone – Pre-Roll 1.75g

Moonwalker Premium Twax Cone streamlines the smoking process. Toking on a timeframe? You don’t have to roll these joints yourself, saving precious minutes. With all that extra time, you can brush up on your own joint-rolling skills!

Each joint is meticulously rolled, packed, and then inspected for maximum quality. Rollers grind buds into a fine powder to ensure every Scout Pre-Roll burns evenly, never canoeing. Finally, Moonwalker Premium Twax Cone comes with a long crutch filter to ensure that no pesky pot particles make their way into your mouth.

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What is Moonwalker Premium Twax Cone?

What do you get when you mix top-shelf flower, golden kief, and THC oil all wrapped into one cone? One of the hardest-hitting flower products you’ll ever experience. What makes these even more special is how easy they are to consume, just light them up and puff your way to another galaxy! Moonwalkers Premium Twax Cones ensures every bit of the “twax” portion is contained inside the cone, no more #twaste. Fancy oil and kief coatings outside the competition for a show don’t equal the same hard-hitting force of Moonwalkers.

Why Choose Moonwalker Premium Twax Cone?

Moonwalker Premium Twax Cone is made by stoners for stoners. The company has stringent quality standards, ensuring that only premium buds make the cut. The flower for these joints is grown locally in British Columbia. BC Bud has a reputation for being some of the best high-grade in Canada, and these Pre-Rolls don’t disappoint.


Chem Dawg (Sativa), Death Banner (Indica), El Chapo (Indica), Fatso (Indica), Fruity Pebbles (Indica), Ghost OG Violator (Indica), Glue Sniffer (Hybrid), Gorilla Bomb (Sativa), Gorilla Bomb Limited Edition (Indica), Grand Daddy Purp (Indica), Gucci Pink Limited Edition (Indica), Hang10 (Sativa), Ice Creamy (Indica), Kush Cake (Indica), Mango Peyote (Hybrid), Pink Bubba (Indica), Pink Diablo (Indica), Pink Kush (Indica), Platinum Blackberry (Indica), Platinum Breath (Indica), Platinum GSC (Hybrid), Polynesian Thin Mints (Hybrids), Raspberry Kush (Indica), Sour Diesel (Sativa), Sour Pink (Indica), Tang Breath (Hybrid), Tom Ford (Indica), Blue Guava (Hybrid), Pink Diablo (Hybrid), Tropicana Cookies (Hybrid), Zombie Goo (Indica)


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