Misty Kush (AA)

(AA) | Hybrid – 50% Indica and 50% Sativa | THC: 19.5% | Nug Size: Medium / Small

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Misty Kush is an offspring of the two well-known Indica plants: Northern Lights, White Widow, and with some help from yet another powerful Indica, Shiva. It is expected that this hybrid will also promise strong Indica effects but it is quite the opposite in reality. The strain has uplifting and mind-expanding effects on the smoker. The strain was originally bred in Amsterdam by the Nirvana Seeds Company. It quickly rose to fame in that area and slowly spread throughout the world. The Misty Kush has a strong aroma that can be a problem for most people because it is not altogether pleasant. It varies from pungent to rotten citrus fruits. The scent is sour and tangy and overpowers the smoker as well as others present in the room. The Misty Kush has a calming effect, which is mostly cerebral. After smoking, the strain users go into a “happy hour” state, which lasts for more than an hour. This type of cannabis can be grown indoors if the stink can be handled. They are short in height and require a flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks. Patients suffering from anxiety, chronic or mild pain, and muscle spasms can use it.

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