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What is Live Resin?
Live resin is a form of cannabis concentrate produced using fresh flower as opposed to dried and cured buds.

Live Resin is extracted from plant matter that is immediately frozen after harvest, preserving as much of its natural terpenes as possible. As a result, it has a higher terpene content than other concentrates like shatter, rosin, or wax. It is loaded with much more of the natural flavors and aromas of the living cannabis plant, making for a much more enjoyable dabbing or vaping experience.

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Our House Live Resin offers a fresh flavor profile, by using fresh and frozen flowers. These are collected from the grow before they get to cure and dry. It is said that it is all about the terpenes. According to a study done at the University of Mississippi, the fresh cannabis that is being used in live resin has a considerably higher quantity of monoterpenes in comparison to the other terpenes found in the plant. Monoterpenes are known to help in the treatment of early and advanced cancer cases.

Those who’ve used this live resin generally have an uplifting experience, such as feeling happy and getting in a state of euphoria. It can help its users get into a state of being energetic and focused, which helps to make daily activities highly enjoyable. It is known to also increase the levels of productivity so that the accomplishments of the tasks become easier and less strenuous.

Live Resin is generally used by those struggling with physical pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation. It can help those dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and loss of appetite. If you are looking to fill your days with energy, creativity, and productivity while bathing in the refreshing feeling of euphoria and happiness


Trainwreck, Pink Kush, Orange Cookies, Green Crack, Super Bud


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