Top 10 amazing facts about magic mushrooms

Top 10 amazing facts about magic mushrooms

Before we step into the facts about magic mushrooms online, let’s have a clear understanding of what it is and are they really worth the hype?

What are magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are one type of fungi. These little white and brown mushrooms are a special type of mushrooms that contain psychoactive compounds called psilocybin and psilocin. These mushrooms derive their origin from 1000 years back and have a history of being used in Mesoamerica for spirituals and religious rituals. Currently, in Europe and the United States, they have attained much popularity as it is considered as one of the most renowned recreational psychedelics. It is believed to have the tendency to change your perception of life on a short-term and long-term basis. People, who have undergone its psychedelic experience, share various types of effects like euphoria, nausea, hallucinations, or vomiting. In fact, more and various researches claim that these mushrooms can be the allies towards a more healthy life.

Let’s get started to explore the 10 most interesting facts before you splurge on the journey to buy magic mushrooms online:

Top 10  facts related to magic mushrooms, you should know about:

1. Can grow anywhere

Many of us are unaware of the fact that magic mushrooms have the ability to grow naturally in different habitats, including grass or a garden or animal feces and rotting woods.

2. Has Popular street names

The popularly known magic mushrooms are famous with many street names like shrooms, mushies, boomers, liberty cap, etc.

3. Comes in more than 200 species

If you think that there is only one type of magical mushroom that is psychoactive, then that’s not right! Well, there are around 200 species of mushrooms that have psychoactive compounds and can be called magic mushrooms. All of them come under one name, as they all have a common compound, that is, psilocybin, and this is mainly responsible for its mind-altering ability.

4. Used since ancient times

It is hard to find out since when human beings discovered magic mushrooms, but various evidence has been recovered that depicts they were used for religious rituals, 1000 years back. Since the ancient time of Spanish conquest, these mushrooms were important for some Mesoamerican cultures. Some archaeological evidence from the Sahara desert also shows that humans have been tripping on its hallucinogenic effect since more than 7,000 years ago.

5. Can be brewed as a tea

If you don’t want to gulp the magic mushrooms fresh or dry, you also have the option to have a sip of magic mushrooms tea as it can also be consumed as a tea.

6. Serves for religious rituals

Magic mushrooms were mostly used in Central America for performing religious ceremonies. As per a theory, the Mesolithic rock paintings of Tassili n’ Ajjer, situated in Algeria, are a shred of evidence that the mushrooms were used for various rituals. The Aztec folks call these mushrooms teonanacatl or “flesh of gods.”

7. It Was a Christmas gift

A theory states that every winter, Siberian shamans used to give magical mushrooms as gifts to the region’s tribesmen. Some theory also depicts these mushrooms might be the reason behind Christmas cheers and were primarily used as Christmas Gifts.

 8. Impacts Brain

As the psilocybin molecule in a magical mushroom is made from approximately 200 species of fungi. The Psilocybin binds to a brain receptor for serotonin, and that causes many sensory distortions.  Along with mood changes and hallucinations, people who have taken psilocybin often mention a dreamlike sense of expanded consciousness.

A research team from the University of South Florida found out that psilocybin also has the ability to bind itself to receptors that stimulate healing.  Hence, it’s believed that the magical mushroom can repair and grow brain cells, and this is a great invention that can treat those who are suffering from depression or other mental problems.

9. Can change the mood

The effects of the magic mushrooms are beyond your imagination. Its intake can bring a change in your character too. According to a study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, psilocybin present in the magical mushroom affects the five domains of personality, i.e., neuroticism, openness, agreeableness, extroversion, and conscientiousness. It is found out that a high-dose of psilocybin session can significantly increase openness.

10. Serves for Medical purpose

Various researches claim that magic mushrooms might be helpful to overcome nicotine addiction. Meanwhile, other researchers found that psychedelic contained in the mushrooms can be helpful for treating anxiety, headaches, OCD, and post-traumatic stress issues. If you want for yourself or for someone else to get rid of the smoking addiction, perhaps the magical mushroom can be tried.

The Bottom-line

Now you must have garnered enough knowledge about the so-called Magical Mushrooms. Originating from our ancestors to reaching out to us, it has gained whooping importance and can be incorporated into our lives. You can easily buy magic mushrooms online.

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