Herbivore Edibles – Cherry Colas Bottles 150mg THC Pack


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Do you remember Cherry Cola candies when you were a kid at the candy store? Cola bottles were the best when they first came out. Then came the cola bottles with the frosted sugar. That blew kids away as that was Cola bottle 10x. Then after a couple of years, they came out with Cherry Cola Bottles and that was the best thing ever. I remember as a kid seeing Cherry Cola bottle gummies and going nuts.

Now you can relive those days as an adult with Herbivores Edibles. Herbivores Edibles is the leading cannabis-infused candy maker in Canada. They have produced some of the most popular THC candies on the market and now they have come out with Herbivores Edibles Cherry Cola. These THC marijuana gummies will make you relive those great childhood memories with their line of gummy candies.

Covered in a sour sugar to give a little bit of an acidic kick, these THC edibles have that great cherry cola bottle taste that you know and love. Herbivores present a tasty alternative to medicating. One pack of these candies contains 6 pieces of cherry cola flavored gummies.

If you are looking to buy an edible then Herbivores Edibles Cherry Colas is for you. Cannabis-infused treats are perfect for those people with medicinal problems who don’t like the taste or smell of marijuana. Not you can have a great candy treat that tastes good and help you medicate.

So take one of these TH treats and put them in your mouth. Just thinking about the sweet-sour taste makes people’s mouths water.

Lab Tested, Gluten-Free & Locally Sourced in BC

Start with 1 dose (25mg per candy)
Allow 45 – 90 minutes for effects to take place
Consume as needed
Do not store in heat

Total Dosage Of Package = 150mg THC (25mg per Gummy)