Goldie Locks Mushrooms OZ


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The Goldie Locks mushrooms that is home grown in the Okanagan valley in beautiful British Columbia Canada. The Goldie Locks mushroom is characterized by long thing stems, and a very light coloured appearance, which resemble golden locks of hair. The caps under natural light also turn a light golden colour.

Goldie Locks mushrooms are potent but also very friendly. It’s a great mushroom for beginners who are looking to kick up the potency a notch and also one that has many psychonaut veterans coming back to use on a regular basis. Its effects provide a mix of spirituality, bodily warmth and buzzing or vibration, euphoria, and light visual hallucination. The Golden Locks magic mushrooms are also a great choice if you’re looking for an outgoing and adventurous time or some spiritual depth in your psychedelic trip.