Exotica Farms: Cannabis Tinctures (THC/CBD/1:1)


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Dosages Available:

  • THC (500mg) | 10mg THC per Dropper, 50ml Bottle
  • CBD (600mg) | 20mg CBD per Dropper, 30ml Bottle
  • Pain Relief (500mg CBD / 100mg THC) | 10mg CBD & 3.5mg THC per Dropper | 30ml Bottle
  • Panic Release (600mg CBD) | 20mg CBD per Dropper | 30ml Bottle
  • Seizure Support (600mg CBD) | 20mg CBD per Dropper | 30ml Bottle

Primary Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Pure Cannabinoids

Warning: For medical use only! Keep out of reach of children & animals. In case of accidental usage, contact a health professional immediately.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from light and heat.


CBD 600mg, THC 500mg, Pain Relief (500mg CBD / 100mg THC), Panic Release (600mg CBD), Seizure Support (600mg CBD)


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