Cannatek Zombie – 65% THC (Indica)


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  • Cannatek Zombie is a more gentle, milder indica weed vape cart tested at 65% THC. We love that we found this Cannatek Zombie strain! This one will have you relaxed to the max and acting all cool.  Cannatek is the best weed vape pen in Canada.  Yes, it is possible to vape cannabis.  Co2 vape is much better than standard shatter pens.  Our vape pens contain no butane or other harmful solvents.
    Cannatek Co2 Vape Carts: 

    • 500mg
    • full spectrum supercritical Co2 extraction
    • lab tested by MB Labs, a Health Canada certified lab.
    • solvent free, no butane
    • fits on standard vape pen batteries (510 thread).


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