Boost Vape-Top – Durban Poison, Sativa (1ml, Distillate)


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By adding nothing but pure, lab-tested 90+% cannabinoid distillate and naturally occurring terpenes found in some of the most popular strains on the market you know exactly what you are getting with every delicious hit.

Leave the guesswork out of your vaping and indulge with confidence in what you are consuming.

Durban Poison is a pure landrace strain, making it an unparalleled Sativa. Named after the Durban Port in South Africa, the strain offers a delicious mix of herbs with tasty lemon zest. If you’re looking for a classic Sativa that checks all the boxes, you owe it to yourself to try Durban Poison. The strain is rich in terpinolene making it perfect for anyone looking for a burst of energy! With that said, it also has a healthy amount of b-caryophyllene which helps quell any anxiety that some Sativa rich in terpinolene can sometimes bring. The mix of the two predominant terpenes is a match made in heaven, or in this case, in South Africa!