Microgenix Macro Capsules



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Microgenix Macro Capsules

Vegan / Gluten-Free / Organic / Canadian


Euphoric + Connected

Psychedelic Experience

We suggest choosing a setting and surrounding that is light and familiar, to ensure you’re fully able to soak in and enjoy your psilocybin trip! Everyone is unique, so we recommend 1 capsule to feel it out and 5+ capsules for the full experience. Open the mind, be patient, and enjoy the magic!


450mg Dried Psilocybe / Capsule

50mg Ginger Root

How to use: Macro doses are intended for those who are seeking a deeper + more intense psilocybin journey. Start small and work your way up to ensure a positive experience. 5 Capsules are recommended for full psychoactive effects.

Mushrooms Blend Options:

Albino Avery, Cambodian Cubensis, Golden Teacher, Penis Envy

Size Option:

30 Capsules Jar, 10 Capsules Pack, 5 Capsules Pack


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