McKennaii XP Mushrooms

Strength:Heavy: 5.00 grams and upwards, Low: 0.25 - 1 .00 grams, Medium: 1.00 - 2.50 grams, Mild: 0.25 grams, Strong: 2.50 - 5.00 grams
Effects:Creativity, Euphoria, Joy, Spiritual, Visual Hallucinations

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The Psilocybe cubensis McKennaii has become very popular of late. McKennaii is a relatively new strain of cubenses and is one of the most powerful species. It is even more powerful than the well-known Hawaiian. The McKennaii is somewhat more delicate to grow. It is named after the famous American philosopher, psychonaut, researcher, lecturer and writer Terence McKenna. If you would like to experience a strong visual and intense philosophical trip, the McKennaii will not disappoint you!



Heavy: 5.00 grams and upwards, Low: 0.25 – 1 .00 grams, Medium: 1.00 – 2.50 grams, Mild: 0.25 grams, Strong: 2.50 – 5.00 grams


Creativity, Euphoria, Joy, Spiritual, Visual Hallucinations

7 reviews for McKennaii XP Mushrooms

  1. Brookeee (verified owner)

    Pick these everytime. Just the right amount of tripiness and length.

  2. AJJ993 (verified owner)

    These guys rock… great products and super fast delivery…

  3. RickMathis84 (verified owner)

    Really good product, love it!

  4. GarryDTripper (verified owner)

    Since discovering this site I have tried quite a few strains over the last several months. These are by far my favourite for the price. The sensations and visuals are very potent and the taste is very mild which is good when you’re a psychonaut like myself. I take 5-7grams when I trip and I have experienced some heavy nausea with these if I smoke weed during the intense part of the buzz. Even “lost my lunch” once so I curbed the weed until the come down which is a solid 6 hours or more. Highly, highly recommended just dont buy them all on me 🙂

  5. Zachary McKinnon (verified owner)

    These ones were awsome! Visuals were better with these ones then others I find. Overa Great product, fast delivery , and quick processing. Will be returning to these ones again.

  6. Imma Fungi (verified owner)

    These are big and beautiful mushrooms with very potent and long lasting effects. Had me yawning for 3 hours straight.

  7. Nicole Ulmer (verified owner)

    Love these one of my favorites that I have tried so far.

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